Growing threats during Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Perth-based leader in cybersecurity, CMTG, has issued a critical warning to Australians to strengthen their IT protection and approach their online activities with caution. The advisory comes as part of Cyber Security Awareness Month and in response to the revelation of startling cyber-attack statistics.

CMTG discloses that the company armours its customers against an average of 1800 cyber threats and attacks daily. The magnitude of these daily digital assaults magnifies the importance of utilising cutting-edge technology to shield IT systems reiterated CMTG Director, Carl Filpo.

“We have seen a consistent rise in cyber-attacks on businesses, organisations and individuals as the world becomes more digitally active,” Carl said. “For anyone with an online presence, the threats posed are very real and assaults targeting data and sensitive information is increasing in frequency.”

Given these sustained attacks, Filpo stressed the critical need for up-to-date protection for IT infrastructure and data, and its role in securing peace of mind regarding cybersecurity.

Triggered annually throughout October, Cyber Security Awareness Month reminds the public to ramp up cyber protection measures. According to the Federal Government Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Annual Threats Report, there was a 13% increase in reported cybercrimes in the 2022 financial year, equating to a cybercrime reported every seven minutes.

This year’s campaign theme, ‘Be cyber wise – don’t compromise’, is centred around four steps to strengthen cybersecurity, all of which CMTG can assist with.

Carl emphasised that while Cyber Security Awareness Month serves as a punctual call to arms, it’s crucial to maintain a constant, heightened awareness of online defences due to the tangible impact of cybercrime on people and businesses.

Data from the Australian Institute of Criminology survey earlier this year revealed that 34% of respondents confessed to experiencing a data breach, while almost half (47%) were victims of at least one cybercrime in the past 12 months. From this group, 27% reported online abuse, 22% experienced malware, and 20% were victims of identity crime and misuse.

This month, Carl advises, that everyone should strengthen their cybersecurity measures, suggesting investment in high-quality protection such as data encryption, access controls, and safe and secure storage systems. CMTG takes protection a step further, by proactively monitoring and warding off thousands of daily attacks targeted at customer IT systems.

Carl urged individuals to heighten their awareness while navigating online, by using secure websites for online shopping and avoiding sharing sensitive information online. “These are simple yet effective measures anyone can take to stay secure online and prevent unauthorised access and manipulation of data and devices,” he said.

Moreover, he stressed the importance of having state-of-the-art defence systems and active monitoring due to the constant threat of cyber-attacks. And as global reliance on digital tools only intensifies, it’s paramount to partner with a dedicated IT firm to safeguard data and information.


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