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Discover all the features you need in one integrated platform. Train, secure, alert and protect people from the most challenging cyber threats while complying with the latest standards.

up-to-date Australian Content

Made for Australians, Cybermate delivers relevant educational material and alerts to keep you on top of the latest cyber threats.

based on behavioural psychology

Cybermate works to mitigate behaviour and habits that puts us at risk in the cyber world by using principles of psychology.

Learning through gamification

Our content is engaging and dynamic. We use gamification to incentivise learning and make the process fun and rewarding.

Awareness Training

We are all about growth and enabling people to navigate the cyber world with confidence. 

Our platform provides engaging, concise training videos and relevant resources to develop cyber awareness and take control over your systems. To test your learning, log progress and make recommendations for areas in need of improvement, we deliver periodic testing based on our training. Sometimes, things are out of our hands and we need to be aware of this too, Cybermate will even tell you where and why you might need an IT expert and what they should do!

Simulated Attacks

Cybermate’s simulated Phishing & Smishing attacks are based on current scams impacting Aussies. 

Cybermate’s integrated Phishing Training Simulator and our randomly sent fake text messages (Smishing), tests users with real-time scams measuring users’ ability to determine which emails and text messages are phishing and smishing attempts. Cybermate explains how to tell the signs of fake emails and text messages, often by hovering over URLs to check where they lead and checking the spelling of email addresses. Malicious users often try to send emails and text messages that have URLs containing the names of well known brands but there will usually be some sort of giveaway that the links point to somewhere more nefarious. 

Threat Alerts

Cyber threats are always evolving, so we have to evolve with them. 

Cybermate automatically searches for current Australian scams and cyber attacks so you can be aware, prepared and armed against them. It can be easy to identify attacks when the communications come from someone or something we don’t recognise, however, it is actually the communications from known and trusted providers that leave us vulnerable. To avoid unnecessary distraction or concern, you can provide information to us so we can ensure only targeted and relevant alerts are sent to your alert box. 

Dark Web Scanning

The dark web – the home of anonymous, untraceable, criminal activity.

Cybermate scans and searches the dark web to alert you if any of your information has been compromised. Breaches and leaks of our personal data can happen in many ways that don’t always start with us, for example, if our service providers have been hacked our information can find itself on the dark web. Scanning and monitoring the dark web allows you to take action, change passwords, disable accounts and stay ahead of the threats. 

Tracking & Reports

See how you and your business stacks up when it comes to cyber resilience. 

Cybermate training, testing and simulated attacks provide dynamic and ever-evolving metrics to track progress. For individuals and employees your progress is logged and we identify benchmarks, improvement and areas that call for more cyber education. For business owners, we anonymously track how your business sits versus the industry you belong to. This provides data to analyse and gauge if action or further training is necessary to be cyber ready.

All-In-One Cybersecurity Features

Secure Messaging

We have developed our own private messaging system to keep you and the people you communicate with as safe as possible. We use a unique encryption method that means we don’t have the encryption key, back up, store messages or chat history. Cybermate is more secure than popular messaging platforms or ordinary ways of corresponding, such as email, and what’s more is the recipient doesn’t even need Cybermate to use it.

End-to-End Encryption

No third-parties, no-middleman. Communicate securely with messaging that is only for you and the receiver.


All messages self-destruct, either upon opening or after a specified time period with opt-in confirmation notifications.

Password Protection

Set passwords for your secure messaging links. These links become invalid after your messages self-destruct.

Cyber Policies

Simplify the process of establishing a cyber policy for your business.  


Policies establish the processes and guidelines that protect information and technology in your business. Company policies apply not only to employees but to anyone engaging with your systems or technology. Cyber insurance policies commonly require a company policy that indicates a system in place to manage risk. Cybermate generates plain-English policies that are understandable, accessible and updated whenever suitable. Policies can be expensive and time-consuming to prepare with an external lawyer or consultant, our documents are easily customised and we offer support to provide any insight or advice needed.

We align with the human behavioural requirements of the following standards

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