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No other cyber awareness and training app provides an affordable solution for Australian SMEs that reduces human behavioural risks in an intuitive, compliant, automated platform.

First "Psyber" security for SMEs

Cybermate is the first platform for SMEs that uses psychology to reduce the risk of human behaviour

Low Cost Protection

For less than a cup of coffee per month, no other all-in-one platform is as affordable for SMEs

All-in-One Platform

All the features you need to lower behavioural risk and susceptibility to online scams

Automated & Intuitive

AI driven, automated training and alerts with an intuitive gamified user experience

Easy Cyber Compliance

Proactive scam research, updated decryption key libraries and the latest Australian cyber policy templates

Psychology & Cyber Security

The internet has become an integral part of our modern lives, as it has been widely adopted and integrated into various aspects of our society, including urban environments, residences, workplaces, and daily routines. Practically everything now is connected to technology and, yes, securing your IT infrastructure is a known essential but conventional cyber security does not meet the issue at the root. The weakest link in your security will always be people.

Why Cybermate

The solution lies with how people think, one that understands and addresses people’s risky behaviour online. Humans are instinctual beings, often prone to believing that any information they receive is true. This is where cyber criminals exploit our innate psychology, by creating phishing scams and other cyber threats that rely on people’s automatic behaviours. After all, we are only human but we can do something about it.

'Psyber' Security for SMEs

Cybermate is a low-cost platform which provides a ‘psyber’ security solution for SMEs.


The platform provides education and guidance for employees, managers and businesses as a whole to ensure cyber security. An easy dashboard and intuitive design allows yourself, your employees and your business to track progress on the journey to cyber resilience. In essence, Cybermate provides a ‘governance’ system for SME cyber compliance, that is mapped to behavioural guidelines established by security frameworks such as ASD, ACSC, ISO 2700, NIST, CIS Controls.


Training is provided through relevant and engaging content. This information is then periodically tested using interactive, simulating tests to maintain vigilance and keep track of where you stand and what needs to be improved. Cybermate additionally sends alerts based on current Australian sources to notify our users and businesses of the latest scams.  

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