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Cybermate provides a cost effective, simple to use on line platform to protect your business from cyber threats. It does this by ensuring your staff and business use technology to be cyber secure and are armed with preventative tools.  It has been developed by leading technologists, technology executives and psychologists to be a complete platform for your needs and give the best behavioural outcomes to make your people a human firewall for your business.

Cybermate is a cost-effective way to manage your cyber risk in one platform. Our pricing can be found on the Home page

Cybermate is a comprehensive online solution to help protect your business from cyber threats. It will provide you:

  • Cyber policies for your business that covers key risk and aligns as appropriate to standards. This means employees and contractors know what they should be doing.
  • Easy to understand online training for staff (on cyber awareness) and admin users (on how your business should use technology). It will cut the cost of external consultants.
  • Phishing testing by email and SMS conducted by us for all members of your company.
  • Real time alerts of cyber fraud of service providers your staff use to make them more cyber resilient.
  • Automated dark web searches of your email to assess any breaches of passwords.
  • A secure messaging feature allowing staff to send sensitive information in an encrypted form which deletes on reading or whatever time period is set by the sender.
  • A risk score for each employee (and the business) that shows them their path the better cyber resilience. It identifies who is placing your company at risk.
  • Ransomeware unlock keys. If you are caught by a ransomware attack, you can send us an example of an encrypted file and we have library of over 120 public decryptions keys we can provide, and tell you how to use, to unlock your network before you hire expensive IT consultants.

Yes. Cybermate partners with Insurance companies and Underwriting agencies and covers all the required training and testing

Easy, once you have logged in, go to settings in the left hand side menu 

You can email enquiries to [email protected] or contact us during standard business hours (AEST) on 1300 702 580



A cybersecurity training and awareness app helps businesses to educate their employees about the risks of cyber attacks and how to prevent them. It aims to reduce the behavioural risk in cyber for small to medium Australian businesses.

Small to medium businesses are a prime target for cyber-attacks as they often lack the resources and knowledge to protect themselves adequately. Cybersecurity training and awareness help businesses to educate their employees about the risks of cyber-attacks and how to prevent them, which in turn reduces the likelihood of successful attacks.

Cybermate app can help your business by providing your employees with up-to-date information on the latest cybersecurity threats and best practices for preventing them. This can help to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches, which can be costly and damaging to your business.

Cybersecurity training should be conducted on a regular basis, ideally no less than every six months to ensure that employees are up-to-date with the latest threats and best practices for preventing them.

The effectiveness of cybersecurity training can be measured by tracking the number of security incidents before and after the training, as well as conducting regular employee surveys to gauge their knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity risks and prevention. Cybermate also provides a dashboard of cyber risk by user and results of phishing simulations and other training

Yes, Cybermate training modules use animation, automation and gamification to provide an intuitive, easy to use, easy to follow training with high recall of learning

Cybermate Includes the latest cyber policy templates and complies with ASD, ACSC, ISO 2700, NIST, CIS and other relevant standards as they pertain to cyber awareness and training

Cybermate includes a dark web scanning tool. Simply input your details such as email address and Cybermate will perform a full dark web scan to see if your credentials have been compromised and currently available to hackers and cybercriminals.

Secure Messaging

It’s actually very simple:


1. Create your secure message on the Cybermate platform. The message is encrypted.


2. A secure link for the message is created which you copy by clicking the copy button and you can then send it to your intended recipient through email, or any other means of your choosing (i.e. direct messaging).


3. Once the recipient has opened it, or after another period of time you have selected has elapsed, the message will self destruct, leaving no trace of it behind.

Although your account might be secure, can you say the same for the person you’re sending the information to?


If their email account has been compromised, sending sensitive information through email is the same as directly delivering the sensitive information to cybercriminals. Since emails remain in the inbox unless deleted by the user, the cybercriminal can then create copies of this data, thereby compromising the information you have sent.


Secure messaging limits the risk of hackers intercepting and obtaining sensitive information through email, and also completely eliminates the chances of the message being copied or accessed repeatedly given it is destroyed after reading or the time you set.

All messages created through Cybermate are confidential, making sure the only people who can read the note are you and the person/people you’ve sent it to. When you create a message we encrypt it using an encryption key, so it can only be viewed by accessing the link and the message is deleted after reading or other time period you set. If you use a password ( which we recommend as an added layer of security) , the message is encrypted in your browser using the password, that password and the encryption key is not sent to us, so only you and the recipient have the decryption key to be able to view the message.

Once the message is read it is destroyed so the link is of no value once it is used by the recipient. The risk of a hacker getting to the link prior to the recipient accessing it can be eliminated by password protecting the message. This means that unless the hacker has the password , they will not be able to access the message.


The best security is to separately communicate the password to the recipient through another means such as your preferred messaging service, SMS or you could call them to let them know the password.

Once a message has self destructed, there is no way to access it again. Opening it through your history or reopening the tab will simply present you with a notice saying that the message has been destroyed. This keeps the message secure and prevents it from remaining in your send box or the recipients inbox, unlike standard email.

When creating a message, you have the option to have an email sent to you once the message has been destroyed. If you enable this, Cybermate will let you know through email once your secure message has been destroyed.

No. We don’t store your messages or have any backups of the message. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. You can rest assured that everything sent through Cybermate secure messages is entirely confidential and that once the message is destroyed, there is no trace of it left anywhere.

When creating your message, you have the option to either have it self-destruct after being opened, or have it self-destruct after a chosen length of time. If you want more than one person to access the message, you should not choose self-destruct after opening, but instead, select the length of time you want the message to be accessible before self-destructing. This way, after one person opens the message, it will not self destruct immediately.

Although unlikely due to the security measures we take (including the separate protection of our encryption keys), if Cybermate gets hacked, you don’t need to worry. We don’t store your messages or have any backups of the message. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. And on top of this, if the message hasn’t yet been destroyed and you use your own password, we cannot decrypt it as it has its own unique encryption key, so you can rest assured that everything sent through Cybermate secure messages is entirely confidential and secure.

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