Media Release: Cybermate Introduces Australia’s First “Psybersecurity” App for Australian Schools

27 September 2023

Local cyber security start-up, Cybermate, has launched Australia’s first affordable cyber awareness and training app suitable for both private and public schools. Dubbed a “Psybersecurity” app, Cybermate 2.0 turns the spotlight onto the human behavioural aspects of cyber risk, thus complementing traditional cybersecurity measures.

Cybermate CEO, Greg Caleo, says the innovative new app is a response to the escalating cyber threat landscape affecting students, teachers and staff at Australia’s schools.

“In the face of cyber attacks that cost Australian schools tens of millions of dollars per year, it’s crucial to address the human element of cyber risk,” said Mr Caleo. “Our goal with Cybermate 2.0 is to transform how we understand and manage cyber threats, by focusing on the behavioural risks.” 

Mr Caleo said that in an age where 85% of breaches involve a human element, Psybersecurity offers a fresh perspective on mitigating cyber risks, especially in school environments with such a diverse ecosystem of remote and mobile devices. 

“Cybermate 2.0 specifically targets this issue, applying strategies to understand, predict, and reduce behaviours that may compromise security.”

In her report on ‘Cyber Security Risks: A Global Review’, cybersecurity expert Dr. Jane LeClair noted that the human aspect of cybersecurity is often the weakest link. This makes solutions like Cybermate’s Psybersecurity an essential part of any comprehensive cyber defence strategy for schools.

Following Cybermate’s success after winning the 2022 CRN Start-Up Innovation Award, Version 2.0 has launched as the first affordable “Psybersecurity” app for Aussie schools. Cybermate 2.0 comes packed with advanced new AI-powered features designed for schools, such as:

  • Daily Dark Web searches,
  • additional personal email address protection,
  • simulated smishing attacks, and;
  • Enhanced phishing training simulator.

These tools, combined with a comprehensive reporting dashboard, provide school IT staff with a full overview of their cybersecurity status. Importantly, the platform aligns with the latest government and insurance requirements, aiding schools in achieving cybersecurity compliance.

The CEO further added, “Our Psybersecurity approach offers a significant reduction in cyber breaches resulting from human behavioural risks. By providing awareness training, simulated attacks, and real-time threat alerts, we help create a secure environment for schools that can adapt to the rapidly changing cyber threat landscape.”

With Cybermate 2.0, the company seeks to broaden the reach of Psybersecurity benefits, providing schools with an effective tool to safeguard their systems, students, teachers, staff and even families while meeting compliance standards.

“The internet has made its way throughout the decades into our cities, homes, schools and daily lives,” said Mr Caleo. “Practically everything is connected to technology, and secure IT infrastructure is a known essential, but conventional cyber security does not meet the issue at the root. With 95% of breaches caused by human error, we have found that the weakest link in security will always be people.”

“In today’s cyber threat landscape, human error continues to be a leading cause of security breaches. As many cybersecurity experts have noted, comprehensive cybersecurity training for teachers and school staff is no longer a luxury but a necessity for schools of all sizes. Cybermate 2.0 offers an innovative solution to this challenge, with its unique focus on addressing human behavioural risk in cybersecurity.” said Mr Caleo.

As Australia navigates the increasingly complex digital world, the rise of Psybersecurity marks a significant step forward in cyber defence. By centring on the human element of cyber risk, Cybermate is making a substantial contribution to securing Australia’s digital landscape and helping to achieve its goal of making Australia’s schools the cyber-safest on Earth.

About Cybermate

Designed specifically for SME’s and Schools, Cybermate provides a cyber security training and awareness platform that reduces behavioural risk and achieves compliance with Australian cyber security standards.

Cybermate is on a mission to make Australia the most cyber secure nation on earth. It has done this through its AI-driven automated, intuitive, fun, and, most importantly, affordable platform. Made for Australian businesses, Cybermate delivers relevant educational material and alerts to keep customers on top of the latest cyber threats. Based on behaviourism, the platform works to mitigate habits that put people at risk in the cyber world using principles of psychology.

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