Be Cyber-Wise, Don’t Compromise

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM), a time for all Australians to improve their cyber security knowledge and take action to protect their information and devices.

The theme for 2023, ‘Be cyber wise – don’t compromise, encourages you to take 4 simple steps to be more cyber wise:

  1. update your devices regularly
  2. turn-on multi-factor authentication
  3. backup your important files
  4. use passphrases and password managers.

Our latest Annual Cyber Threat Report indicates that cybercrime is reported on average once every 7 minutes, a 13% increase from the previous financial year. Even these 4 simple steps can reduce the knowledge gaps cybercriminals rely on.

You can get involved by accessing the resources and guidance for Cyber Security Awareness Month 2023. Complete a quiz to test your cyber security knowledge, watch a video about Cyber Security Awareness Month and access guides to improve your cyber security.

Organisations are encouraged become a 2023 Cyber Champion this Cyber Security Awareness Month. To be listed on our website as a 2023 Cyber Champion simply download our resource pack and register your organisation’s name.

Cyber security is everyone’s responsibility. Be cyber wise and don’t compromise your devices and accounts. Read about Cyber Security Awareness Month and share resources with your networks to help all Australians improve their cyber security posture this October.


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