Cybermate 2.0: The first “psyber-security” solution for Australian SMEs

We’re incredibly excited to introduce you to Cybermate 2.0. Ever since winning the 2022 ARN Innovation Award for Best New Product Startup, we’ve been burning the midnight oil to stay ahead of emerging cyber threats to give Aussie businesses the very best protection. 

Cybermate 2.0 is a significant step forward in the realm of “psyber security”, a new approach to increase your cyber resilience by reducing behavioural, or psyber, risk. Human behaviour is the greatest single cyber risk businesses face.

Here are just some of the awesome new features:

Daily Dark Web Searches

The Dark Web, a notorious hangout for cybercriminals, is an obscure part of the internet where illegal activities often take place, including the buying and selling of stolen personal information. In Cybermate 2.0, we’ve integrated a feature that conducts daily Dark Web searches for your business and personal email addresses, as well as passwords. The moment our sophisticated system detects any of your information on these shady platforms, you’ll receive an immediate alert. This quick action can be instrumental in mitigating the potential damage of a cyber attack, safeguarding both your valuable data and your company’s reputation.

Weekly Email Reports

In the fast-paced world of cyber threats, keeping abreast with the latest happenings can be a daunting task. To lighten this load, Cybermate 2.0 will dispatch weekly email reports summarising your scan results and detailing the latest threats. These reports serve as a personalised cybersecurity bulletin, keeping you well-informed and ready to confront any emerging cyber threats head-on.

Additional Personal Email Address

In today’s interconnected world, we acknowledge that protecting your work-related data isn’t enough. Personal email accounts often contain sensitive information and are, therefore, just as enticing to cybercriminals. To address this, Cybermate 2.0 allows you to include an additional personal email address for Dark Web searches. This added layer of security extends the protection sphere to cover all aspects of your digital life.

Smishing Simulated Attacks

Text-based scams, also known as smishing, are a rapidly growing menace in the cybercrime scene. These attacks cleverly disguise themselves as innocuous text messages, tricking recipients into revealing sensitive data. To help you combat this emerging threat, Cybermate 2.0 comes equipped with simulated smishing attacks. This feature allows you to experience and learn from mock attacks, honing your ability to identify these scams before they cause actual damage.

New Phishing Training Simulator

Phishing attacks are an ever-present threat in the digital world. With Cybermate 2.0, we’ve enhanced our Phishing Training Simulator to make it even more dynamic and effective. It’s designed to recreate real-world phishing scenarios, testing your ability to distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent emails. The simulator provides instantaneous feedback, pinpointing where you correctly identified a threat or where you missed one, fostering the continual improvement of your cyber threat detection skills.

New Reporting Dashboard

The new reporting dashboard in Cybermate 2.0 is more than just a pretty interface. It serves as a comprehensive command centre, presenting a holistic view of your cybersecurity status. It offers insightful data about your risk profile, identifies potential vulnerabilities, and provides suggestions to enhance your cyber resilience. This information empowers you to make informed decisions, strengthening your company’s cyber defence strategy.

Cyber Security Policies  and compliance with Government and Insurance requirements

Cybermate 2.0 complies with the latest government and insurance requirements, safeguarding information and technology for everyone involved, including employees and system users. We provide plain-English policies that are easy to understand, accessible, and customised. We’re here to support you and offer any needed advice or insights.


So, there you have it – your exclusive sneak peek into the exciting new features of Cybermate 2.0. We’re not just offering cybersecurity training; we’re providing a comprehensive, user-friendly solution tailored to your needs. Cybermate 2.0 is more than just an update; it’s a game-changer for Australian SMEs needing the additional protection of “psyber security”.


We hope you’re as excited about this new chapter as we are! And to celebrate, we’re offering a Free 14 day trial and new introductory pricing for Aussie businesses of only $5.50 per user per month, making Cybermate possibly the most affordable cyber security training and awareness platform in Australia

Click here to start your FREE TRIAL.

And remember, Cybermates, cybersecurity isn’t just about technology; it’s about people. So let’s work together to create a safer digital environment for all. Stay safe, stay cyber-savvy, and keep an eye out for more updates from your mates in cybersecurity.

Until next time!

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