“Psybersecurity” – Shaping a New Frontier in Cyber Defence with Cybermate


In the constant tug-of-war between cyber defenders and attackers, it’s time we rethink our strategy. Why not shift our focus from the digital to the psychological, from tech to touch, from silicon to soul? Welcome to the era of “Psybersecurity” — a revolutionary approach that targets the human element of cyber risk.


Cybermate, a leading innovator in this space, not only offers cutting-edge cybersecurity training but is also pioneering the psybersecurity movement. We’re transforming how we perceive and address cyber threats, focusing on the human behavioural aspect — the “psyber” part of cybersecurity.


Understanding Psybersecurity and Human Behavioural Risk

Psybersecurity refers to the intersection between psychology and cybersecurity. This field aims to understand, predict, and mitigate human behaviours that could lead to cybersecurity risks. Studies have shown that human error is a major contributing factor to cybersecurity breaches. In fact, in 2021, 85% of breaches involved a human element, and 61% of breaches involved credentials1.


One of the key factors contributing to human behavioural risk is a lack of cybersecurity awareness and training among employees. This includes behaviours such as clicking on phishing emails, weak password usage, and improper handling of sensitive data. It’s important to note that these behaviours often arise not from malice, but from a lack of understanding and knowledge about cybersecurity best practices.


Addressing Human Behavioural Risk: A Necessity

As cyber threats continue to evolve, addressing the human behavioural aspect of cybersecurity is crucial. Human behavioural risk is a significant factor in many cyber breaches and as such, understanding and mitigating these risks is key to enhancing cybersecurity. Platforms like Cybermate provide a comprehensive solution that combines awareness training, simulated attacks, real-time threat alerts, and more, to effectively address human behavioural risk in cybersecurity.


Cybermate: Your Psybersecurity Guard

Cybermate 2.0 is a leap forward in psybersecurity, focusing on reducing the human behavioural risk that businesses face. It’s like having a personal psybersecurity guard who’s always on the lookout for potential threats. Let’s dive into some of its impressive features that make this possible.


Daily Dark Web Searches

Cybermate 2.0 conducts daily Dark Web searches, scanning these obscure platforms for your business and personal email addresses and passwords. If your information appears there, you’ll receive an immediate alert, allowing you to act fast and mitigate potential damage.


Weekly Email Reports

With Cybermate 2.0, you’ll receive weekly email reports that summarize your scan results and detail the latest threats. Think of it as a personalized cybersecurity bulletin designed to keep you informed and prepared.


Additional Personal Email Address Protection

Cybermate 2.0 recognises the potential vulnerability of personal email accounts and extends its protection to include an additional personal email address in its Dark Web searches. It’s about securing every aspect of your digital life.


Smishing Simulated Attacks

Text-based scams, or smishing, are an emerging menace. Cybermate 2.0 helps you combat these threats with simulated smishing attacks, allowing you to learn from mock scenarios and improve your scam detection skills.


Enhanced Phishing Training Simulator

The new and improved Phishing Training Simulator in Cybermate 2.0 recreates real-world phishing scenarios, helping you learn to distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent emails. It provides immediate feedback, fostering a culture of continuous learning.


Comprehensive Reporting Dashboard

The new reporting dashboard provides a holistic view of your cybersecurity status, offering insightful data about your risk profile and potential vulnerabilities, and suggesting ways to enhance your cyber resilience.


Compliance with Government and Insurance Requirements

With Cybermate 2.0, cybersecurity compliance becomes a breeze. The platform aligns with the latest government and insurance requirements, providing easy-to-understand, customized policies.



With Cybermate’s introduction of psybersecurity, we’re not just keeping up with the evolving world of cyber threats; we’re staying one step ahead. Psybersecurity redefines the battleground, shifting the focus from purely technical defences to the human behaviours that can either expose us to risks or shield us from them.


Cybermate 2.0 isn’t just a cybersecurity training platform; it’s a comprehensive, user-friendly solution tailored to your needs. It’s more than an update; it’s a game-changer for any organisation needing the added protection of psybersecurity.


In the end, it’s about creating a robust, secure environment that can adapt to the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats. Psybersecurity, as championed by Cybermate, is a critical step in this direction. With a focus on behavioural change and risk reduction, Cybermate 2.0 is ushering in a new era of cybersecurity – one where humans aren’t the weakest link, but the first line of defence.


Check out Cybermate 2.0 here > https://app.cybermate.com.au/register#/ 

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